Mutual funds

Mutual funds: Why are flexi-cap funds appropriate for all seasons?

608 ViewsInvesting in equity funds requires investors to understand which categories can best suit their financial goals. Large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap funds all offer their own advantages, but many investors are now turning to flexi-cap funds as an effective way of diversifying their portfolios. Flexi-cap funds are a type of equity mutual fund that invest […]

Demat Account

Why Demat Account Is Necessary And How to Use It?

434 ViewsA dematerialized account or a Demat Record is your one-stop answer for holding every one of your protections safely. Sometime in the past, each offer or security report was accessible in the actual structure. Notwithstanding, the appearance of Demat accounts, these actual offers are currently changed over into electronic records. Having a Demat record […]

insurance plan

A Guide to the features of term insurance plan

350 ViewsWhat is term insurance? A term insurance plan is a simple life insurance plan that provides a fixed, defined sum of money, known as the sum assured. If the insured person is surviving until the plan term ends, then no benefits are payable at the end of the term insurance plan. In simple words, […]


Incredible ways to avoid over trading

880 ViewsOvertrading is defined as taking on too much risk in the markets. It can lead to heavy losses and is often caused by over-leveraging. There are several reasons why overtrading can occur. Some traders may feel they need to take on more risk to gain more advantage when trading. Others may get caught up […]