selling trading robots

The legality of selling trading robots.?

503 ViewsThe use of trading robots can be of great help to any crypto investor, whether they are a layman or a pro. Naturally, given the convenience factor associated with these trading robots, people tend to choose them quite often, to begin their trading activities . But are trading robots legal? Today we are going […]

home loan

How to get a home loan from the best bank.?

426 ViewsTo obtain your home loan with the best bank, you must build a solid financing file by respecting the criteria required by the banks. Do you have a personal contribution? What is your professional situation? Do you have a savings account? These criteria will be analyzed in order to check your repayment capacity, this […]

Real Estate Investing

The 10 Steps to Start Real Estate Investing.?

246 ViewsThe essentials in a nutshell You are about to buy a property and your first instinct is to contact your bank to apply for a mortgage. This solution seems the most practical: you think you can negotiate the best rate, choose the amount of your monthly payments and the duration of your loan with […]

Home loan everything

Home loan everything you need to know to get your credit.?

456 ViewsCalculate the amount to borrow First of all, you must calculate the amount to borrow. To do this, you must take into account the interest rate of your credit, your debt capacity and the financial conditions required by your project. OUR ADVICE: In order not to waste your time, we recommend that you carry […]