Trading Strategies

Unveiling Trading Strategies

209 ViewsNow that you have a higher knowledge of alternative chains and their records, let’s delve into some primary option buying and selling techniques that may be implemented in the use of choice chains. Covered Calls: A blanketed name strategy entails selling name alternatives in opposition to a present long function within the underlying asset. […]

profitable trading

Harnessing the power of Forex: tips for profitable trading

299 ViewsForex, or foreign exchange, is one of the most popular financial markets in the world. The daily trading volume of currencies is around 5 trillion dollars. Forex trading has opened up a new realm of possibilities for investors and traders alike. With this immense potential comes a unique set of challenges that must be […]


Incredible ways to avoid over trading

269 ViewsOvertrading is defined as taking on too much risk in the markets. It can lead to heavy losses and is often caused by over-leveraging. There are several reasons why overtrading can occur. Some traders may feel they need to take on more risk to gain more advantage when trading. Others may get caught up […]

selling trading robots

The legality of selling trading robots.?

300 ViewsThe use of trading robots can be of great help to any crypto investor, whether they are a layman or a pro. Naturally, given the convenience factor associated with these trading robots, people tend to choose them quite often, to begin their trading activities . But are trading robots legal? Today we are going […]