SIP calculator

How can an SIP calculator help in creating a huge corpus?

927 ViewsPlanning your investments wisely is important to achieve the financial goals you have set for your future. Investments in mutual funds can help you build a huge corpus over time, which can then be used towards achieving some major milestones of life – buying a house or even retiring comfortably! Furthermore, you can choose […]

Mutual funds

Mutual funds: Why are flexi-cap funds appropriate for all seasons?

397 ViewsInvesting in equity funds requires investors to understand which categories can best suit their financial goals. Large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap funds all offer their own advantages, but many investors are now turning to flexi-cap funds as an effective way of diversifying their portfolios. Flexi-cap funds are a type of equity mutual fund that invest […]

Demat Account

Why Demat Account Is Necessary And How to Use It?

210 ViewsA dematerialized account or a Demat Record is your one-stop answer for holding every one of your protections safely. Sometime in the past, each offer or security report was accessible in the actual structure. Notwithstanding, the appearance of Demat accounts, these actual offers are currently changed over into electronic records. Having a Demat record […]

opening a demat account

How to select a broker to open demat account?

368 ViewsToday, opening a demat account is almost always free of charge from all stock brokers. Most brokers charge costs when transferring investments, cash or when deleting an account. Some brokers charge an initial fee, particularly for the demat account. For example, you can be charged by the broker or DP to open, maintain, and […]

Home loan everything

Home loan everything you need to know to get your credit.?

274 ViewsCalculate the amount to borrow First of all, you must calculate the amount to borrow. To do this, you must take into account the interest rate of your credit, your debt capacity and the financial conditions required by your project. OUR ADVICE: In order not to waste your time, we recommend that you carry […]