Morningstar Rating Analysis: The Biggest and Best Management Companies.?


The Morningstar Rating Analysis of Investment Funds identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the open-end fund offering and the management companies that market them. Based on the Morningstar Rating, or star rating, this analysis is a quantitative assessment of historical performance. That is to say that it does not serve as a future projection, but as a first step in the process of evaluating funds, underline Thomas Furuseth and Ali Masarwah, authors of this Morningstar study.

Morningstar constructs its analysis in two ways: equally-weighted and asset-weighted. The data covers the second quarter of 2019, which ended on June 30, 2019.

The equally weighted method classifies management companies according to their average Morningstar Rating, regardless of the size of the assets under management. The asset-weighted method also takes into account the volume of assets under management. You’ll find the total score in this column, but we also break down the asset-weighted score into the broad wealth categories of stocks, bonds and underlying allocations. We also indicate the percentage of managed assets that is invested in funds rated 4 or 5 stars by Morningstar.

The largest fund houses

Here is the list of the 35 largest wealth managers in Europe, ranked according to the volume of wealth under management:

The best fund houses

We then order the list according to the highest equally weighted rating. In this ranking, Pimco is at the top, with an average Morningstar Rating of 3.67. Pimco was also in first place in the previous ranking (that of the first quarter of 2019), with a score of 3.83.

Fund house name           Asset valued in millions of euros               Equal weighted score     Asset Weighted Rating – All                Asset Weighted Rating – Equities             Asset-weighted rating – Bonds  Asset Weighted Rating – Allocation                Asset-weighted rating – % of assets 4 and 5 stars

The Best Small Fund Houses

In addition to the large management companies, Morningstar also establishes the ranking of the small management companies. These are funds with assets under management of between 5 and 40 billion euros, and made up of at least 10 share classes.

The top two names on this list, Fundsmith and Lindsell Train, also held the top two spots on the list for the previous four quarters. Here is the overview of these small management companies:

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