How to get a home loan from the best bank.?


To obtain your home loan with the best bank, you must build a solid financing file by respecting the criteria required by the banks. Do you have a personal contribution? What is your professional situation? Do you have a savings account? These criteria will be analyzed in order to check your repayment capacity, this is one of the stages of your mortgage.

Then, several solutions are available to you to find out which bank lends most easily for real estate. You can go through a broker , the latter takes care of comparing banks and quickly finding the most interesting bank for your project. You can also use an online comparator to compare rates. Do not hesitate to contact your broker to  compare the best mortgage rates on the market and obtain fiancing tailored to your project.

Take care of your mortgage file

In order to avoid a refusal from the bank, your mortgage file must be carefully prepared. The objective is to convince the banker to finance your real estate purchase at the best rate. For this, several elements must be checked:

the bank overdraft: the bank checks your bank statements, if you are often overdrawn it can refuse the credit;

your debt capacity: this is 33%. This means that your monthly payments must not exceed 33% of your income, or your remaining living will be too low;

your professional situation: the CDI outside the trial period is preferable, an employer certificate may be requested, or your last three balance sheets if you are self-employed;

personal contribution: banks require a contribution to finance notary fees, provide at least 10% of the total amount of the loan;

all the supporting documents that you may be asked for: pay slips, tax sheets, etc. ;

Compare banks with each other

Comparing banks is an excellent solution to find the bank that lends the most easily for real estate and to obtain the best conditions for your credit. You can do it yourself: contact the various financial organizations, apply for a mortgage and select the offers that meet your needs. You can also choose to use a broker to save time and energy! Its role is to negotiate the best credit offer based on your profile.

Make a mortgage simulation

How to avoid being refused a mortgage? Which bank offers the best mortgage rate? To find out, the easiest way is to carry out a mortgage loan simulation. Do not hesitate to consult several establishments to request a quote. By doing a simulation, you will be immediately informed about the blocking points of your file.

Why do bank rates vary?

Bank interest rates are constantly changing. Depending on the period, they can be very interesting for the buyer. Several reasons can explain these variations:

real estate market conditions;

your place of residence: the more banks there are near you, the more the rates can decrease thanks to the effect of competition.

How to choose the best bank for your mortgage?

To choose the best bank, it is necessary to take the time to compare the loan offers and the conditions of each lending institution. You will have to analyze the rates offered, the duration of the credit, the guarantees requested, the insurance required and all the pricing conditions linked to your credit.


Generally, banks prefer to finance buyers with a personal contribution, but it is possible to benefit from credit without contribution. It depends on the banks and the profile of the buyer. Young workers or people with good savings are more likely to have their credit accepted.

Also remember to check if you are eligible for state aid that can allow you to optimize your borrowing capacity: zero-rate loan, zero-rate eco-loan, Housing Action Loan, etc.

Application fees

To choose the best bank, pay attention to the application fees. Most banks charge for the time spent building and processing your home loan file. The amount requested is between 500 and 1000 euros. However, if your financing file is good, the application fees can sometimes be negotiated. Generally, the application fees are only due if your request for financing is accepted.

Your mortgage can be repaid in advance, in part or in full. This allows you to lower your monthly payments or reduce the duration of your loan. The conditions required by the bank are mentioned in your mortgage loan agreement, they specify the costs or compensation to be paid in the event of early repayment (IRA). Its amount can be up to 3% of the capital remaining due before reimbursement. Be aware that it is possible in some cases to negotiate these fees before signing your mortgage.

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