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The essentials in a nutshell

You are about to buy a property and your first instinct is to contact your bank to apply for a mortgage. This solution seems the most practical: you think you can negotiate the best rate, choose the amount of your monthly payments and the duration of your loan with your usual adviser.

But wouldn’t it be interesting to compare the rates offered by the competition? Do you know which bank lends the easiest for real estate? Here are some actions to take in order to find the best bank for a mortgage:

Which bank for my mortgageWhich bank to choose for my mortgage in 2022?

Which bank lends easily for a real estate purchase?

How to get a home loan from the best bank?

Why do bank rates vary?

How to choose the best bank for your mortgage?

Which bank lends easily for a real estate purchase?

The mortgage is an essential step to finance your real estate project. But how to get a mortgage easily  ? Whether you want to buy together or alone, sell your apartment to buy another or take out a loan for your very first purchase, contacting only your personal bank may not be the wisest choice. The banking sector has evolved rapidly in recent years and online banks are increasingly attractive to consumers. Be aware that each bank offers different conditions depending on your region and your buyer profile. By taking the time to compare banking establishments, it is possible to obtain an advantageous mortgage, with a bank other than yours.

Traditional bank

A traditional bank is a financial institution that offers its customers several banking services and products, including:

The advantage of traditional banks is that they have physical bank branches everywhere in France. This allows you to carry out your banking transactions and meet your financial adviser in branch to apply for a mortgage. Conventional banks, however, generally have online services to satisfy an increasingly independent clientele. They allow you to make transfers, make appointments or consult your accounts from home.

online bank

Which bank lends most easily for real estate? A traditional bank or an online bank? To find out, you will have to compare the conditions of each bank according to your profile, your habits and your real estate project.

In recent years, online banks have been a real success. They generally offer the same offers as traditional banks, but at more attractive prices . The absence of a network of agencies allows them this advantageous pricing. Other criteria have attracted many users:

 ease of registration;

The advantages of online banking are numerous: saving time during administrative procedures and lower prices are the main advantages. But if you need proximity with an adviser for your mortgage, the traditional bank remains more suitable.

Here are banks, both traditional and online, that might give you a home loan:

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