How to Write an SEO Press Release that Works?


Press Release is one of the most powerful ways to share and communicate company news and other events. When you craft the content focusing on SEO (search engine optimization), the press release is more likely to offer better results in the market. In order to incorporate SEO, first, you need to adopt a smart and effective press release strategy that is beneficial for your business. With just a little effort and following the right practices, you can craft an SEO press release that is effective and offers fruitful results at the end of the distribution campaign. Here are 5 simple tips to help you in the process.

SEO Press Release

  1. Optimize the First 200-250 Words

Online readers are fairly impatient and they are not ready to read 500 words of content unless it is attractive. Make sure to add the meat of your message in the first 250 words which can easily be read by any user. There are two reasons to do this. Firstly, it helps the search engine algorithms to understand the topic of the content and helps it appear through every relevant search result. Secondly, you want to retain the readers or the customers and therefore, you should provide relevant information that keeps them engaged.

  1. Write a Buzz-worthy Title

No matter what kind of content it is, a reader is only going to notice the title of the content before reading it. In order to pique their interest, you need to craft an attractive title that instantly gains the attention of online readers including targeted audiences. The title of the press release can help in initial traffic generation and offers the paramount benefits of distribution. When the PR content has a catchy title, readers are more likely to share it with others who would find it helpful.

  1. Hyperlink Important SEO Keywords and Phrases

Include important phrases in your anchor text to provide pertinent links relating to the main keywords that are currently used in the SEO campaign. You can also add links to pages like,

  • About Us page
  • Service page
  • If there is a reference to another company in the PR, link their website in the content.
  1. Utilize the Hyperlinks in the Right Way

One of the common mistakes that many beginners make is to add too many links. When you over-link your PR content it only appears more spammy for both the readers and the search engines. As a result, it can create a negative impression when you go overboard with links. If the search engines find faulty in your content; it might not achieve the top rank on SERP (search engine result pages) like you think of. Do not let the search engines penalize your website for a poorly optimized PR. Use the hyperlinks in the right way and in a minimal way that does not affect its authenticity.

  1. Ensure a Newsworthy Topic

It is a major mistake when you consider that everything can be newsworthy. More than you, it depends on the audience based on what they find newsworthy and important. Therefore, while crafting the press release; you must think from the perspective of a user or a customer to figure out what can pique interest among them. Here are a few topics for an SEO-friendly press release,

  • Achievements and other successes by the company or any individual
  • New product or service launch
  • Special events and other occasions
  • Charitable donations
  • Awards won or nominated
  • Giveaways or promotions
  • Information resources
  • Improvements or expansion of products and services
  • Organization or staff changes

Final Words

Even if you follow the aforementioned organic practices, the best results can only be achieved when you hire a professional PR agency that has ample experience and knowledge in the field. Make your DIY approach and consult with experts to expand your SEO-friendly PR strategy.

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