What is Tpin Number? Is It Required for Trading in the Stock Market?


With the revolution of technology, mobile banking and internet trading, the use of digital technologies is a must and using these technologies is easy. To understand online trading there must be a better security layer which will be in the form of tpin. What is the tpin number and its application can be understood below in this article? DPs finding better ways and tools to make trading simpler and less risky for retail investors. The goal of the perfect broker is to make investors enter the share market and provide services like app-based software and technical analysis. Having a platform solves the problem of managing and tracking your investment.

Trading in the Stock Market

What is TPIN?

The TPIN is a simple password that provides an extra layer of security over your online trading. It provides security during the time of selling shares.  Setting a TPIN is crucial for your Demat account.

Advantages of TPIN or Transactional Personal Identification Number are as follows:

You can open your Demat account from the NSDL(National Security  Depository Limited  ) or the CDSL(Central Depository Services Limited) in India.,

CDSL Exchange account holder having an ID number is important when there is no PoA with the stockbroker for each Demat withdrawal exchange you make.

Be that as it may, with the appearance of the CDSL Exchange Individual ID number, there is no requirement for POA for the Demat account. The primary goal of the CDSL Exchange Individual Distinguishing proof number is to make the Demat exchanges free from even a hint of harm.

  • You will oversee your Demat account exchanges.
  • It is hard to alter the Demat exchanges.
  • It makes the Demat account opening cycle simple and totally paperless.

Unlike in the past financial broker and brokerage needed to finish up and sign the paper type of PoA. In the present time, it is an altogether paperless cycle. Where you are the one who makes the trade decision freely from your home.

What is CDSL?

The CDSL or the Central Depository Services Limited is one of the major depositories in India.  It came into the existence in the year 1999. And this depository allows you to store different types of financial securities such as equities, bonds and mutual funds.

Function of CDSL

Do you now understand what CDSL is? In this section, you will learn about CDSL’s operational procedures. The only difference between CDSL and a bank is that CDSL facilitates holding securities, whereas a bank facilitates keeping your money. You cannot approach CDSL directly to open a Demat account; instead, you must find a Depository Participant (DP) who can assist you in opening a Demat account.  With the CDSL demat account you can trade in the Bombay stock exchange and the national stock exchange as well.

Along with the financial bank and other financial firms, you can open a CDSL Demat account. In India, almost 600 stockbrokers with different capacities coordinate with the CDSL which has a basic focus on a secure and reliable depository. 

Difference between Demat ID and TPIN

A Demat account number is also called the Demat ID. This number is a 16-digit number that combines DP ID + BO ID. And for the TPIN is a 6-digit unique code helpful to enable a broker to debit shares from your Demat account

 Problem before TPIN

Prior to the introduction of CDSL TPIN, stock brokers would require you to sign a Power of Attorney when opening an account. Its limited POA allows them to debit your demat account when you sell securities.

In a few cases, regulators discovered brokers abusing the PoA for their own gain. This includes the following:

Withdrawal of securities despite the fact that customers did not sell them. So moving shares from the customer’s demat account to the broker pool account without the customer’s permission.

Using the POA to scare customers into paying the broker’s credit (negative) from trading losses.

Depositories attempted to combat the misuse by sending Email and SMS alerts for all demat transactions, but this was ineffective.

CDSL will launch the TPIN facility on June 1, 2020. The TPIN is a second password that the customer uses to authorize the demat transaction. The TPIN is stored in the CDSL database, preventing brokers from misusing it.


Each time you sell shares, you need to enter your TPIN, so it is clear you only get the right to proceed with the transaction. The TPIN in case forgotten can be changed from the registered email or mobile number. Different broker services provide different online trading services. To know what are the DP charges is the crucial thing to do before onboarding any stock brokerage.

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